About Us

The Christian College Music Programme offers dynamic and engaging opportunities for our students from Kinder to Year 12. Students may learn music through the classroom programme as well as the extensive co-curricular instrumental and ensemble programme.


Working in music groups requires the development of trust and respect, as well as skills of negotiation and compromise. Students must learn to be flexible and patient. Participation in the music groups also allows our students to ‘belong’ and be included in something which contributes to well-being and the maintenance of good mental health.


The core classroom music programme is delivered by specialist teachers from Kinder to Year 7. Beyond this, our students have the opportunity to select elective music as a study from Years 7 to 9. At Year 10, students may accelerate their study to commence VCE Music Performance. During Year 11 and 12 our courses offer both VET and VCE Music Performance pathways. Our classroom music faculty support and encourage all students to enjoy, understand and appreciate music.



The instrumental music programme at Christian College is extensive, inclusive and engaging. There are currently over 700 students choosing to learn an instrument from one of 50 specialist instrumental teachers. Learning an instrument may lead to participation in College ensembles, music camps, tours and performances. The College Ensemble Programme features Bands, String Orchestras and Choirs providing students with the opportunity to rehearse and make music with peers in a positive, encouraging environment. The ensembles perform annually at the College’s Annual Costa Hall Concert as well as throughout the year at festivals, competitions and within the College community at assemblies, celebrations and gatherings.

Music at Christian College Geelong